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Made in Rome - Italy

About us:

We work in Rome where we produce interior lighting and lampshades since 1958.
Our production is artisanal and exclusive and the sale is directed to the public, so that we guarantee all our articles for the best quality with competitive prices.
We use only solid brass for our lamps and you can choose the finish you like; also for the lampshades You can choose among many models, materials, colours and trimmings.

Our production:

We decided to use solid brass for our products because is absolutely the best material for interior lighting.
Brass is a particularly malleable and resistant alloy (copper + zinc) that is suitable for technical or artistic uses.
The peculiar feature of this alloy is the possibility to obtain a lot of finishings that you can choose in all our articles:
polished (shiny), classic, satiny, bronzed, chromium-plated, golden leaf cover, 24 k gold-plated (on request).
We submit the brass to an anti-oxide treatment so that the surface of all our lamps is forever protected.

our brass finishings
click to watch our brass finishings

This is the brass processing:

  1. Casting of the singles elements in special dies
  2. Smooting and sandpapering
  3. Polishing
  4. Finishing
  5. Anti-oxide treatment
  6. Assembly
  7. Cabling with CE marked electric parts

At last our lampshades: results of 60 years of experience, we produce them with the best fabrics and parchments and accurate finishing.
Thank you for reading and for appreciating our products.

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