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Here we would like to inform you about the characteristics and use of our appliques, on the basis of the experience of the most frequently asked questions that have been posed by our customers starting from the now distant 2002, the year that saw the birth of this website after forty years of activity in the field of lighting.

1) Q: Will the brass of the appliques get darker with the passing of time and then I will be forced to polish them?

A:      No, all of our items have a superficial antioxidant treatment, obtained with a special coating oven dried, which creates a kind of transparent film. For cleaning it will be enough to dust or use a damp cloth with water. The only concern is to avoid abrasive products or solvents that could ruin this film.

2) Q: What are the differences among the various brass finishings?

A:     The finish must be appropriate to the style of each item. For the classical models, the finishing fitting is "classic brass", also called "natural brass", we say a visual effect between the satiny and the polished. The "polished brass" is a brilliant and reflective mirror finish and is suitable for the smooth and modern designs. The golden leaf cover finish (brass coating with thin golden sheets) makes the surfaces of intense golden color, canceling the mirror reflection effect. It is a type of finish suitable for antique style environments and is the same as used for the most valuable painting frames.

3) Q: Why are there sometimes large price differences among the models?

A:     The price of an item is given by the cost of the material and the cost of processing. By now, brass has become a precious metal, quoted and contracted in international stock exchanges, becasuse is a zinc and copper alloy (copper is the so-called "red gold"). Much of the price of the item is due to the difficulties and the working times. Finishing also affects the final cost, for example the chromium-plated finish is the most expensive as all the steps of the polished finish are needed, plus the galvanic bath of chrome.

4) Q: Can I ask for technical or aesthetic adaptations on the appliques I would like to buy to suit my needs?

A:      Certainly. We recall that ours is a craft company and that each piece is worked individually. Therefore, compatible with the technical and aesthetic characteristics of each model, many small variations are possible, some of which we will try to list here:
- provide complete wires, switches and plugs (useful for example for those who want to use it over the bedside tables but do not have the wire inside the wall);
- insertion of a power button (useful for those who have the wire inside the wall but not the wall switch);
- replacing the small bulb-socket with the big type (remember that in this case the lampshade will have to be proportionally larger with repercussions on the general aesthetics);
- replacement of fake candles with brass covers for the bulb-sockets (if you do not like candles);
- the possibility of using some models upside-down, ie with the bulb down, to better illuminate, for example, a working or reading area. For this purpose only some models are suitable: "Oval", "Dalia" and "Tulipano" for which we will provide a lampshade with the appropriate upside-down attachment.
Each of your requests will be screened for the feasibility and will be subject to our estimate. But remember that since it's a custom-made, you can not ask for return and refund, except for manufacturing defects.

5) Q: Using lampshades on the appliques will have less light?

A:     Choosing materials such as parchment or shantung or cotton in white or ivory colors, the lampshades create a diffuse light effect that avoids the annoying, blinding effect of bare bulbs. In this way, the modest absorption of brightness becomes irrelevant in front of the comfort gain given by the diffused light, besides the lampshades greatly increase the decorative value of the appliques. Otherwise, if we choose colored fabrics like yellow, red, green, blue or black, while having a great aesthetic effect, they significantly reduce the amount of light emitted.

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