model "Classic medium art. 03" (classic finishing brass)

"Classic medium art.03" brass lamp is fascinating classic style, solid and firm and is suitable for antique furnitures.
You can choose among "Extra" lampshades (fine trimming), "Standard" lampshades (simple trimming),
"Scudo" half lampshade with fine tissue stickings.
Bulb-socket type E27 (big bulb).
Dimensions of the lamp with the lampshade: height = cm 45 - diameter of the lampshade = cm 27.

with "Scudo" half lampshade with stickings

detail of the stickings

detail of the base

          with "Extra" lampshade with "Cordone"                with "Extra" half lampshade made of parchment

          with standard lampshade         with standard "Scudo" half lampshade     with standard "Simple" half lampshade